Our programs are for children twelve months through five years of age and provide children with classroom experiences that best meet their developmental needs.

Philosophy and Curriculum

Our program is committed to providing a safe, supportive living and learning environment for young children. Teachers create a warm and loving atmosphere using a developmentally appropriate, engaging curriculum, where children can play, discover and learn.

Social development is at the core of our program. We want our children to feel they are liked, respected, and an integral part of life in the classroom. We provide a close-knit community of teachers, children, and families. Each child develops a strong sense of community and belonging.


We take great pride in providing experienced and caring teachers in our program. Our Infant/Toddler Classroom is equipped with one headteacher and three assistant teachers; the Two’s Classroom with one headteacher and two assistant teachers; the Pre-K class with one headteacher and one assistant teacher. The program also offers music, gym, and arts and crafts.


The Vanderbilt Y’s program has four spacious, well-equipped classrooms, as well as pediatric toilets, indoor and outdoor play spaces.


Financial assistance is available for all programs.

Informational Sessions

The Vanderbilt YMCA offers informational sessions and tours of the Early Childhood Program upon request only. 

Wait List and Open Registration

Please see the membership desk to join our waitlist for a $25 fee.

Admission & Tuition

To register for universal Pre-K  and 3k, please contact Ashley Pellerano at apellerano@ymcanyc.org.

Universal Pre-K and 3K

About the Program

The Vanderbilt YMCA presents NYC’s free Universal Pre-Kindergarten and 3K, a quality program five days a week! Children will be in contact with highly qualified, certified teachers and personnel. Our curriculum places a high priority on creating an environment in the classroom that encourages children to experiment, explore, and pursue their own interests.

How to Apply

Registration is now open! 

Contact us by e-mail or phone, or this online form register. To register online for Vanderbilt YMCA's Pre-K program as your first choice, enter code 02MBMK. You can also stop by our offices at 224 E 47th St, New York, NY 10017 in Manhattan, and pick up a paper application. 

Children must be 4 years old by December of the current school year in order to participate. Limited space is available. 

For more information, please contact Ashley Pellerano at apellerano@ymcanyc.org



Extended Day

The Vanderbilt YMCA Early Childhood Program and 3k now offer an extended PM option to allow parents the flexibility they need. Extended PM hours are from 3 - 6 pm for a monthly cost of $510.

Early Childhood

Early Childhood Program

Our Early Childhood Program is designed to provide flexible child care for working parents. Our schedule is Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM. The children in the Early Childhood Program are divided into a Toddler Classroom (12 months-21 months) and Twos Classroom. These groups provide children with a classroom experience that best meets their developmental needs.

Annual tuition is payable in 10 monthly installments. Youth memberships are included with your registration. 

For more information, please contact Ashley Pellerano at apellerano@ymcanyc.org

Early Childhood Admissions and Tuition


Program Based on Age

Sept. 13TH  2021

Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM-5:30 PM

Monthly Rate

Toddlers (12-21 months)




Financial assistance is available. 

COVID Protocols


Due to the nature of COVID-19, we are taking considerable steps to ensure the health and safety of all children and families in our care. All guidelines, best practices, and steps put into place stem from mandates and recommendations by New York State, New York City, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the Department of Health & Mental Hygiene, and the YMCA of Greater New York.

Arrival will take place at the side entrance of the Vanderbilt YMCA at 240 East 47th St. We ask all families to line up along the side of the building. Please be mindful of social distancing. For any late arrivals, please utilize the main entrance. Once inside the facility, you may escort your child through the Early Childhood wing, to the classroom door. Parents/guardians, please do not enter the room. Kindly stop at the door and allow the staff to check your child in on the sign-in sheet. You will provide your name, child’s name, and confirm that your child has their extra mask, snack, lunch, water/juice for the day.

Near the entrance of the classroom, you will find a shoe hanger. Please locate your child’s designated shoe spot, assist your child with taking off their shoes and help them enter the room. Staff will receive the child at the doorway and help your child into their indoor shoes.

Dismissal will take place at the side entrance of the Vanderbilt YMCA at 240 East 47th St. We ask all families to line up along the side of the building. Please be mindful of social distancing. For any late arrivals, please utilize the main entrance. For any early pick-ups, utilize the main entrance. Once inside the facility, you may proceed to your child’s classroom and stop at the door. Staff will assist your child with gathering their belongings and taking off their indoor shoes. The staff will also check the child out with you on the sign-out sheet. You may then assist your child into their outdoor shoes at this time.

Indoor Shoes
In order to prevent exposure to outside germs, we ask for you to provide a brand-new pair of sneakers for your child to keep at school as their indoor shoes. If brand-new shoes are not available, please thoroughly clean and sanitize a pair of sneakers to the best of your ability.

Staff will also adhere to the indoor/outdoor shoe policy.

Visiting Policy
To decrease exposure and contain our classroom pods, we are limiting visitation to the hallway of the classroom. Parents/guardians will not be able to enter the classrooms at this time. All children and staff in the classroom must remain static.

Sick Policy Pertaining to COVID-19
If a child shows symptoms of illness, in relation to symptoms of COVID-19, the child will not be able to check-in for the day. If the child becomes ill during the school day and begins to display symptoms, the child will be escorted to a designated isolation room where they will remain under the supervision of a staff member. We will contact parents/guardians and/or additional emergency contacts to schedule for your child to be picked up. In this event, your child must self-quarantine and follow guidelines by the CDC and DOH. Your child may not return to the program until symptom-free, with physician documentation confirming negative test results. All staff must adhere to this same policy and will not be allowed to return to work until symptom free, with documentation from a physician confirming a negative test result.

If a child or staff contracts COVID-19, parents/guardians and staff must notify the school administration immediately. If someone in the child or staff’s household contracts COVID-19, we must also be notified immediately. The YMCA will follow the guidance of DOHMH and NYC Testing and Tracing regarding notifications, quarantining, and classroom or program closures.

If ever a case of COVID-19 should arise causing a classroom or school closure, we will continue to engage all children remotely if permitted. We will also work with all affected families on tuition adjustments.

Please note that these guidelines and best practices are subject to change at any time. We are closely monitoring all updates from the aforementioned entities and will update all families accordingly as things change. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


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